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Need to find a plumber? We install and repair copper-poly-pex-galvanized-cpvc, and other water line pipes. Avail still does copper re-piping, pex re-piping. We work on ABS-PVC-Clay-Cast Iron, and Orangeburg drain lines. We provide plumbing repair and replacement of dishwashers-bathtubs-faucets-drains-garbage disposal-disposers, gas lines-sinks-showers-sump and sewage pumps, toilets, water heaters-water softeners-water lines-water plumbing-water pipe repair, and other specialty plumbing projects, replace main ball and gate valves, shut-offs, stops and more.


We’ll do the plumbing on your bath or kitchen remodel. We locate water leaks and find sewer gas smells permeating your home. We will do new plumbing installations on bath and kitchens, replace faucets-tub valves-tub spouts-shower valves-shower heads and other plumbing projects you have.


At Avail, we can unclog small drains-fix toilets-install toilet plumbing-fix leaking pipes, repair leaking toilets, in other words, . . . we do toilet plumbing, and toilet installations. We'll fix your plumbing drain, sewage or sump pump, and much more as a plumbing contractor.


Whenever you need to find a plumber, call Avail with over 30 years experience. Our plumbers are dispatched within your area, right to your home.


Remember, whether looking for a plumber in Goshen-IN, a plumber in Syracuse-IN, Elkhart-IN, New Paris-IN, or a plumber in Warsaw-IN, or any of the surrounding areas mentioned above, Avail Plumbing Company is always at your service!


You will feel comfortable knowing Avail is on the job. We want to thank you for choosing Avail, where you can find your own personal plumber.

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Avail Plumbing provides service throughout North Central Indiana. Plumbers are dispatched in your area.
We are licensed and insured in Indiana, PC#10801875.

Avail Plumbing comes to your home or place of business at *no charge, to evaluate your plumbing concern and give you options regarding the necessary repair.

Avail Plumbing provides the price for repairs and obtains your authorization, before work begins. This alleviates surprises, saves you money, and provides better customer relations. 

About The Owner

The owner of Avail Plumbing Company began his plumbing career in January of 1990 after being honorably discharged from the United States Army. 

He started working as a plumber apprentice in Washington state while attending college. Later he moved to Arizona where he continued his plumbing career for 11 years obtaining his first plumbing license, and would meet, and marry his wife in April of 1996.

In 2003, he and his family moved back to his home state of Indiana. Here he would obtain an Indiana Plumbing Contractor License and later start Avail Plumbing Company to provide superior customer service to the region.

At Avail Plumbing we are committed to prompt affordable service, exceeding our customer's wants and needs. We provide skilled, trusted, and professional plumbers near you.

The owners of Avail Plumbing Company, enjoy providing clean, courteous, affordable repair service, with safe, trustworthy, and superior plumber professionals to the community.
Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us at Avail Plumbing Company, so please contact us with with any requests, comments or concerns. 

Mobile Users can click the call button icon on your device to make an appointment.